Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Decision and a Conundrum

Earlier this week I was searching about for a tutorial to help me with a project in which I was mired. I was two trips to the store in already and needing help deciding what I ought to purchase on trip three, and the inevitable, unplanned trip four. Of course, as any crafter can tell you, when you have your shoes on and keys in hand ready to run out and stock up, there is absolutely no chance that you will find any helpful information. Tangential information, yes. What you actually need to know? Hell no. So, I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue as I am wont to do when participating in the dreadful task of problem solving, and came up with a solution.
But then I thought, if I could solve one crafting problem, how many others might be waiting for my twisty little brain? And was it possible that anyone would actually find this information helpful? Obviously, the only way to test this was to actually start my own crafting blog.
Here I am.
The conundrum, now, is that most of the projects laying about me, waiting, begging, to be blogged about, are Christmas presents. I have a wonderful, tech savvy family, so it is inevitable that someone may stumble on this and discover the dreadful truth about Santa if I were to post those projects. That said, maybe it's time that my parents learn the sad truth about Christmas. We'll see.

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