Friday, December 2, 2011

Half-Double Granny Cozy and Coaster Set

Another week, another project! I promise that this is the last mug cozy and matching coaster set for a while. Fo' serious. After making the previous two sets, I was a little weary of knitting. Also, almost all of my other crafted presents this Christmas are knit as well. I kind of pigeonholed myself and was looking to break free! Of course, as I was making the sets for a gift exchange and needed a present that would be obviously equal to the others, I wanted to stick with the theme.
I really, really want to make a Captain Hook joke whenever I talk about crochet. Unfortunately, I've only had three cups of coffee and I'm watching Jumanji: The Animated Series, so I'll just ask you to pretend that I made a spectacular joke in there somewhere.

Half Double Granny Mug Cozy and Coaster Set:

I managed to wrap this set without taking any pictures, but luckily I had enough yarn to make a set of the coasters for personal use! Please excuse the dribbly coffee mug, as I was out of coffee yesterday and am gulping it rather enthusiastically today. Of course, my camera seems to hate both the lovely mossy green cotton yarn I used, and the cloudy day making lighting awkward in my apartment. So there you are.

Mug Cozy:
Foundation: With a size H crochet hook, chain 28 (or whatever even number will wrap around your favoritest mug.)
Row 1: Turn, chain 1. Single crochet in back loop of each chain across.
Row 2: Turn, chain 1. Half-Double crochet twice in every other st
itch across, skipping the first stitch.
Row 3-6: Turn, chain 1. Half-double crochet twice in each space between pairs of half-double crochet on the previous row.
Row 7: Single Crochet across.
Finishing: Stitch on buttons, positioned to slip through the gaps of the imitation-granny stitching.

Foundation: With same hook, chain 12.
Row 1-2: Same as Rows 1-2 on cozy pattern.
Rows 3-9: Same as Rows 3-6 on cozy pattern.
Row 10: Same as Row 7 on cozy pattern.

Because you're using half-double crochet instead of an actual double-crochet, this will be thicker and more heat-retaining than your traditional granny-square type pattern. I like a fun pattern like this in a soft, natural tone, but my sister suggested using fun, bright colors, and it wouldn't be too difficult to toss in some stripes as well.
Next week I'll explain what the hell those buttons are doing on that coaster.

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