Friday, March 16, 2012

The Moira Hat

In Color A, Cast on 100, divided onto three needles as 32-32-36
Rows 1 & 2: in Color A, Knit across
Row 3: in Color B, s2, (k1, s 3) across to last two. k1, s1.
Rows 4 & 5: in Color B, (s1, k3) across
Rows 6 & 7: in Color A, Knit across
Row 8: in Color B, (k1, s3) across
Rows 9 & 10: k2, (s1, k3) across to last two. s1, k1.

When you have reached 8 inches in length, bind off and stitch the top edge closed, flat.

Wind spare yarn around a 3" piece of cardboard 24 times. Tie off and clip ends to form a tassel. Make 2 for hat, 4 for matching scarf. Attach to top corners of hat and all corners of scarf.

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