Friday, March 2, 2012

Super Ruffle Short Scarf

Well, lovies, I've finally gotten the hang of writing out my posts in advance so I'm not doing it as a penance late every Friday. Isn't it nice?
This week's post is the first yarn-related post that I'm actually making totally for myself from the get-go. Yay for selfishness. But! This is birthday sanctioned selfishness! Totally acceptable. My young man's parents sent me a lovely birthday package long ago when it was my birthday, and this included some absolutely delicious yarn. I felt guilty about my delay on Christmas crafts, so I tried to be good and finish all of those before making something wonderful for myself. I'm almost there! Unfortunately, I'm a decidedly selfish creature and went ahead and made something sinfully snuggly anyway.

Super Ruffle Short Scarf

I call this a short scarf because it is! This scarf is only about 40 inches, not nearly long enough to wrap around your neck. It's a tricky scarf though- a sneaky slit hidden in the ruffles means you can thread one end through the other to secure it around your neck. This way there's no wrapping and winding and knotting, just poking an end in a hole. Heh.
This pattern uses chain, slip stitch, single, and treble crochet stitches. It works in a spiral around the foundation chain, working in first the back loops and then the front of the chain, joining with a slip stitch. While this may sound complicated, once you get going it's quite easy. This could be a good pattern for an intermediate to use to practice using all of those stitches and reading a somewhat complicated pattern.

The Materials:
Size H crochet hook
2 stitch markers (referred to in the pattern as Marker A and Marker B)
Approximately 218 yards of yarn. I used 2 skeins Plymoth Yarn's Grande Glow Baby Alpaca.

The Abbreviations:
CH- chain
SS- slip stitch
SC- singe crochet
TC- treble crochet

The Pattern:
CH 101
Row 1: 3 SC in the back loop of the first chain from the hook, placing Marker A in the first stitch. SC along the back loops of the chain. When you reach the end, put 3 SC in the front of the last stitch in the chain, placing Marker B in the first of these three.SC along the front of the chain for 25 stitches. CH 10. Skipping 10 stitches on the foundation chain, join back in and continue to SC along the foundation chain (see image below). SS to join into your first SC (at Marker A).

Row 2: CH 3. 2 TC in the first three stitches, moving Marker A up to mark the first of the three. Work along the first edge, alternate 2 TC each in two stitches, 1 TC in the next, along the first edge. When you reach Marker B, work 2 TC each in the next three stitches, moving the marker to the first of these stitches. Continue along the opposite side alternating 2 TC each in two stitches and 1 TC in the next. Join into first stitch (Marker A) with a SS.
After working the first side of row 2, I was worried it wouldn't be ruffly enough!

Row 3: CH 3. 2 TC in the first six stitches, moving Marker A to the first of these stitches. Work along edge, alternating 2 TC each in three stitches, one TC in the next. When you reach Marker B, work 2 TC each in the next six stitches. Then, continue alternating 2 TC each in 3 stitches, then one TC in the next. When you return to Marker A, join with a slip stitch.
Tie off and weave in ends!
Wear, feeling fabulous in your yarny accomplishments.

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